Developing formulas

The CoellnCoat team has a total of over 40 years of experience in the dispersion of colour pigments, making it a competent and dependable partner. We will be happy to develop formulas for your coloured coatings and pigment preparations, and to support you from the initial laboratory work-up all the way to industrial-scale production.

Colour formulation

Our trained staff can develop formulas for you for RAL or NCS colours, or to meet your individual requirements. Of course we can also calculate existing colour collections for you with the aid of our extensive database.

Colorimetric calibration series

Management of colour mixing systems requires a database of the desired colour collections. Our services include the preparation of calibration series and providing the necessary datasets. We use the various commercially available software packages.

Quality assurance

For several years now we have been performing professional incoming goods inspections. An upstream incoming raw material inspection is essential for constant smooth production. We will be happy to support you in introducing a QA system for high-quality colour products.

Formulation pursuant to the EU Cosmetics Regulation

Our extensive experience in developing formulas in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation means that we are familiar with the applicable limit values and rules at European level, and with the FDA regulations and positive lists. We will be happy to develop formulas for you based on INCI-compliant raw materials.

Weathering tests

Outdoor exposure tests can be conducted on our weathering test rig. Our members of staff can produce the panels. We also offer colorimetric analysis. Not least, we can advise you on the light fastness and weather resistance of the pigmentation in your coatings.

Technical sales aids

Presentation documents and technical sales aids to support your sales team can be produced by agreement. These might be hand-made, individual product brochures, or materials created to accompany smaller laboratory-scale work for a particular customer.